Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food Find: Kitchen in the Market

And, wow. It has been 3 whole months since my last blog post. Well, it hasn't been an idle 3 months, that's for sure! During my break from blogging, we had a busy catering season, built out a brand new kitchen and started a cooking school. Seriously. And, to toot our own horn, it's really awesome!

Check out Kitchen in the Market. It is a shared commercial kitchen space for caterers, food manufacturers and food trucks. We provide affordable commercial kitchen space, so they can run their delicious businesses. And then we bring some of that deliciousness to you with a grab + go counter, commercial grade kitchen small wares and LOTS of wonderful cooking classes.

So, check us out...and often! There's always something new coming out of our Kitchen (even if we don't always get around to writing about it)!

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