Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recipe: Raw Beet Salad with Pistachio Mint Pesto

Here's what I am demo-ing today at the Homegrown Experience! Come out and join the fun from 11AM-4PM at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. I will be on the Chef stage at 3:15PM...

Raw Beet Salad with Pistachio Mint Pesto
serves 4

1-2 large beets, peeled and sliced very thin or julienned
2 oz creamy goat cheese, such as Donnay (available at Grass Roots Gourmet)
1/4C Pistachio Mint Pesto (see recipe)
6oz Arugula or spinach

Arrange beets on a bed of arugula
Dot with goat cheese and Pistachio Mint Pesto
Serve cool

Pistachio Mint Pesto
makes 3/4 C

1C mint leaves, loosely packed
1/2C pistachios, roasted and shelled
Juice of 1 lemon
1T honey
1/4t salted or more to taste (note: omit salt if pistachios are already salted)
1/2C Olive Oil or more to achieve desired consistency

Place mint + pistachios in food processor or blender and pulse to chop
Add lemon juice, honey + salt (if using), pulse to incorporate
With processor turned on, slowly add olive oil until desired consistency is achieved

Serve with Raw Beet Salad, toss with pasta or smear on grilled meat or shrimp!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Method: Grilling Beyond Burgers

We are a mostly vegetarian household, and when we grill it is so easy to fall into the veggie burger rut. Or grilled corn. Or portobello mushrooms. Likewise, it is difficult for folks throwing a little party to know what the heck to feed those pesky herbivores. Well, I have a tasty solution for you!
Lately, we've been loving grilled Cauliflower Steaks. Uh? Yes, Cauliflower Steaks. Just slice the entire cauliflower into hefty 1" slabs. You can marinate them in a variety of sauces + herbs or just stick with olive oil, salt + pepper. Anyway you go, it's delicious. We like a combo of olive oil, Worcestershire sauce + pepper. Just brush it on both sides and let sit for about 15 minutes. Place on a medium heat grill, and cook on each side for about 3-4 minutes. You want them to hold their shape, so don't let them get too soft! BBQ sauce, tamari and hoisin sauce are also delightful.

Another good choice is an updated favorite: the portobello. I like to stuff grilled mushrooms with an almond butter, tamari, sesame oil + sriracha mixture. Add a few red peppers + green onions...delish! This is also one of my most popular vegan entrees for catering.

Mix it up a little for the remainder of our grilling season, and try your own combos. Do you have a favorite veggie grill dish?