Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Find: Lunchbox

Summer is over and school is here! My little guy is starting kindergarten, and he is very excited. Being his mother's son, he is most excited about taking his lunch everyday (it's always about food!).

Since we're new to the whole lunchbox thing, I searched high + low for items that were eco-friendly AND easy for kids to use. Throw in a few über-cute items, and I'd be excited too!

Here's what we found:
Bento Box, über-cute accessories + lunchskins


Leaflet Bento Box, Animal sauce holders, Bento forks + picks all from Amazon.com.

lunchskins available at Seward Co-Op + online.

Once we got the lunchbox items squared away, we headed to Seward Co-op to let AJ pick out his favorite foods to pack. This is a great way to get your kids involved in making lunches...and making sure they eat it! It's amazing how many healthy foods they'll pick out when left to their own devices. Seward makes it extra fun because they can get their own mini cart to load up.

I'm hoping to feature a great lunchbox meal every now and then to help us all get a little more creative. And I work better under pressure. ;-)

What's your favorite way to pack lunch? Got any great packable meals to share?