Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recipe: Cooking the Market Class 9/25

Lots of inventive recipes from this class!
note: these recipes were 'created' in the cooking class and have not been tested for accuracy outside of the class

Stuffed Apples
serves 12

12 tart apples, cored-leaving 1" bottom on apple
1 lb. chorizo
1 medium yellow onion, diced
1 small butternut squash, peeled, seeded and diced
1C wild rice, cooked
4 oz. cheddar cheese, shredded
1T smoked paprika
olive oil
salt + pepper

-season butternut squash with olive, salt + pepper; roast at 400˚F until tender
-sauté onion, chorizo and smoked paprika in small amount of olive oil until chorizo is cooked through; season with salt + pepper to taste
-combine cooked squash with chorizo mixture and cooked wild rice; re-season as needed
-fill cored apples with stuffing mixture and place in oven proof baking dish
-cover with foil and bake at 375˚F for about 30 minutes or until apples are just tender
-uncover, top apples with cheddar cheese and return to oven to for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and apples are tender but not falling apart
-serve warm on a bed of additional stuffing

Almond Stuffed Mushrooms
makes about 24

16 oz. crimini mushrooms caps, cleaned and de-stemmed
2T fresh parsley, chopped
1T fresh thyme, chopped
1/4c roasted almonds
1/4 lb. apple smoked cheddar cheese, finely shredded
salt + pepper
olive oil
cayenne, to taste

-pre-heat oven to 400˚F
-in the bowl of a food processor, add almonds, herbs, salt + pepper
-pulse until mixture is finely chopped, resembling bread crumbs
-place in large bowl and add cheddar cheese until thoroughly combined
-fill each mushroom cap and place on baking sheet
-drizzle olive oil over mushrooms and bake until mushrooms are just soft (about 20-30 minutes)

Apple + Pear Crepes
serves 12 plus crepes

2C all-purpose flour
4 eggs
2C apple cider
2C water
1 apple, sliced
2 pears, sliced
1T unsalted butter
prepared dulce de leche
sweetened whipped cream, for serving
pomegranate seeds + ground cinnamon for garnish

-sauté apples + pears in large saucepan with butter until just tender; set aside to cool
-in a large bowl, mix flour, eggs, cider and water until thoroughly combined. crepe batter will be thin!
-working in 2 slightly oiled small crepe pans, pour a small amount of crepe batter into pans (fill bottom of pan) and cook over med-high heat until crepe appears dry; turn crepe to cook other side and set aside to cool while cooking the remainder
-once crepes are cooled, fill bottom third of crepe with cooked fruit and roll; place seam side down on platter
-drizzle dulce de leche over top and serve with a dollop of whipped cream, cinnamon and pomegranate seeds

Black Tea Pork Tenderloin
serves 8-12

2 2-pound pork tenderloins
5T black tea leaves
1T mild curry powder
2t ground cumin
1/2t ground anise
1t ground cayenne
1T fresh ginger, chopped

-in a spice grinder, add tea, spices and fresh ginger and grind until finely ground; add a little olive oil to thin into a paste
-season pork with salt + pepper
-rub pork with paste on all sides and let rest in refrigerator for 20 minutes
-pre-heat oven to 400˚F
-roast pork until done, about 20-30 minutes
-let rest 10 minutes, then slice and serve over Cumin Rice

Cumin Rice
serves 12

2C long grain white rice
3T whole cumin seeds
2T butter
4C water or vegetable broth

-add all to large pot and bring to a boil
-reduce heat, cover and cook until all water is absorbed (about 20 minutes)
-fluff with a fork and serve

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food Find: Chile Chutney

We are just back from vacation, and this must be said...the Twin Cities has got it goin' on. Yep. I really did say that after a week in San Diego. Call me crazy.

One of the things we've got is Cafe Nepal's amazing Chile Chutney. Now, you may have had her Momos at Mill City Market, but you MUST try the Chile Chutney. It has been the favorite thing in my fridge for the last year. I make sure to always keep it on hand to spice things up. It has a nice heat, and the 'Himalayan Spices' give it a flavor that is downright addictive. Confession: my new obsession is mixing it with Donnay goat cheese for a zesty little spread.

Rashmi, the owner of Cafe Nepal, is also a partner in the new Gorkha Palace. Her momos are on the menu with more varieties than are on offer at the farmer's market, as well as some truly unique dishes. Yak, anyone? I especially like the Potato + Egg Curry, and the Pakoras should not be missed.

Now, I am just waiting for that delicious chutney to show up at the tables! For now, I'll have to get my supply from Mill City Market...but I don' think I'll have to wait too long.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recipe: Savory Bread Pudding

The Minnesota State Fair is over, and it looks like our Summer is as well. This is a great cool weather recipe that I demonstrated at the Fair on Saturday. It was a big hit, and also happens to make a perfect vegetarian entree!

Savory Bread Pudding

serves 6-8

2 bunches Lacinto Kale, stemmed and chopped
8oz. porcini mushrooms, sliced
1 yellow onion, chopped
1 loaf day old bread, cubed (about 6 cups)
2 1/2C half + half (more if as needed to moisten bread)
2T dijon
2T fresh thyme
8 eggs
2T butter (plus more for pan)
2T olive oil
salt + pepper
dash of cayenne (optional)

-preheat oven to 375˚F
-sauté onion in butter + oil until caramelized
-add mushrooms, thyme and cook until liquid begins to release
-add kale and cook until just wilted; remove from heat
-beat eggs with half + half, dijon, salt + pepper and cayenne if using
-toss bread with cooled mushroom mixture in a bowl*
-butter a large oven proof dish (9x13)
-place bread mixture in pan
-pour egg mixture over and distribute evenly
-let sit 20 minutes, allowing bread to soak up mixture (add more half + half if bread is dry)
-cover with foil and bake at 375˚F for 30 minutes
-remove foil and bake for another 15 minutes or until top is golden and liquid is absorbed
-let sit 10 minutes before serving

*may add cooked bacon or sausage  and cheese when mixing the mushroom mixture with the bread cubes; proceed with recipe

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recipe: Coconut Semifreddo

Perhaps I am attempting to hold on to Summer a bit longer by posting a recipe for semifreddo in September, but I'm willing to bet this cool, sweet treat will be welcome any time of the year. Just picture it with a warm fruit compote in the Fall. Or Champagne poached pears for New Year's Eve. Mmmmm.

To start, what is semifreddo? It is an Italian word that means 'half cold' and refers to desserts that are partially frozen with a mousse-like texture. In this case, we take a custard base and add whipped cream before freezing. It is delectable, easy and an impressive addition to your cooking arsenal. This recipe was inspired by Donna Hay. Love her!

Coconut Semifreddo
makes approx. 1 quart

3 eggs
2 egg yolks
1t vanilla (1/2t if using double-strength)
1/2C granulated sugar
1C heavy cream
1/2C coconut milk or coconut cream*

-Place eggs, yolks, sugar and vanilla in a heat proof bowl over a smaller pot filled with 2 inches simmering water
-Whisk eggs mixture constantly until custard is pale + thick (about 5-8 minutes)
-Remove custard from heat and whisk gently to cool (about 3 minutes)
-Add coconut milk or coconut cream to custard mixture and whisk to combine
-Whip heavy cream in a stand mixer or with a hand mixer until soft peaks form
-Fold whipped cream gently into custard mixture until blended
-Pour into a quart sized container and place in freezer for 4-6 hours or overnight

*Coconut milk is available in most ethnic food aisles of your grocery store and will separate in can. Stir well before using in this recipe. Coconut cream does not have water added and will produce  creamier texture. You can find it in most Asian markets.