Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recipe: Chickpea Flour Crêpes

It's not often (okay, never) that the New York Times + I publish a similar recipe in the same week. Yet, here we are with Chickpea Flour Crêpes! Two different versions: mine is vegan and gluten-free, their version requires a little all-purpose flour and some eggs. Either way, the crêpes are delicious!

I filled mine with a potato + arugula curry, but really the sky's the limit. Use them in place of corn tortillas or fill them with yummy goat cheese + spinach. Even some Mango Chutney! I'd stick with savory for these, though.

Chickpea Flour Crêpes

makes about 24 small crepes

2 1/2C Chick Pea Flour (found in Indian Grocery, also called gram or besan flour or at NutsOnline.com)
2C water
1 green onion, white + light green parts only, sliced thin
2t cumin seeds
2T chopped cilantro
1/2t salt

-In a large bowl, mix flour + water until smooth (for best results, use your hands); should resemble thin pancake batter
-Let sit 15 minutes
-Add onion and seasonings, stir to incorporate (if batter is a little stiff, add 1-2 T water to thin)
-Onto a greased hot skillet or griddle, gently ladle 1/4c of batter and spread in thin, circular layer
-When bubbles appear all over top, flip crêpe and cook other side until done (about 2 minutes per side)
-Wrap crepes in cloth napkin to keep warm, serve immediately

*Batter can be made up to 2 hours ahead of time and kept in fridge. Let stand at room temp for 30 minutes before cooking.

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