Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food Find: Bounce (yup, the fabric softener)

You know those emails you get from friends and family, forwarded over and over again? Usually some sort of list or heartbreaking story that you are asked to pass along? I typically delete them, but I was sent an email a few weeks ago by two different members of my family. Titled simply BOUNCE, I skimmed before hitting the delete button.

Fast forward to an event I was catering at a personal home. Long story short, pork loin, maple syrup, foil + pan. The pork loin was delicious, the pan was a wreck. As my assistant was shaking her head (that pan is a goner!), I suddenly remembered that skimmed email. I visited the laundry room, came back with a fabric softener sheet, placed it on the pan and covered with water. Fifteen minutes later, the foil + goop were lifting themselves off of the pan. Seriously. I washed the pan and showed my assistant who immediately declared, "That's not the same pan!". Yup, it was. Unbelievable. So, while I will still delete most viral emails, this one provided an awesome little tip for the kitchen. Try it with your next pan/pot disaster and let me know how goes...

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