Monday, April 27, 2009

Ingredient: Vidalia Onion

n. [vĭ-dāl'yə] a sweet, yellow onion grown in specific counties of Georgia as defined by state law.

Ah, Vidalia Onions. Growing up in Florida we had an abundance of them. And Sunday Dinner wasn't complete without some Vidalia Onion Relish to slather on meat + veggies. Vidalias are just starting to make their appearance in Minnesota this week, so I would assume the rest of the country will be seeing them pop up soon. These onions are so sweet and mild, you're not soon to forget them. Great on burgers, they also make for some spectacular caramelized onions. Be forwarned: Vidalia Onions don't store well, so use them quickly!

Check back for a recipe on Friday....

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