Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food Find: Chile Chutney

We are just back from vacation, and this must be said...the Twin Cities has got it goin' on. Yep. I really did say that after a week in San Diego. Call me crazy.

One of the things we've got is Cafe Nepal's amazing Chile Chutney. Now, you may have had her Momos at Mill City Market, but you MUST try the Chile Chutney. It has been the favorite thing in my fridge for the last year. I make sure to always keep it on hand to spice things up. It has a nice heat, and the 'Himalayan Spices' give it a flavor that is downright addictive. Confession: my new obsession is mixing it with Donnay goat cheese for a zesty little spread.

Rashmi, the owner of Cafe Nepal, is also a partner in the new Gorkha Palace. Her momos are on the menu with more varieties than are on offer at the farmer's market, as well as some truly unique dishes. Yak, anyone? I especially like the Potato + Egg Curry, and the Pakoras should not be missed.

Now, I am just waiting for that delicious chutney to show up at the tables! For now, I'll have to get my supply from Mill City Market...but I don' think I'll have to wait too long.

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