Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Equipment: Needle Nose Pliers

You know, there are lots of things in your tool box that can be used in the kitchen...and can make the job easier. I love using a pair of small needle nose pliers to remove the fine bones in fish before roasting or grilling. Why, you may ask? Well, for starters it makes life a little easier on parents to not worry about a choking kid. But mostly, I take the extra step when I am catering an event. The last thing anyone wants to do at a cocktail party is pull a fish bone out of their mouth! No one can look cool doing that. Seriously.

This is an easy step, and doesn't take a lot of time....

1) Make sure your needle nose pliers are washed and dried (I dedicate a pair for this purpose)
2) Gently run your fingers (use gloves to avoid the fishy smell) along the flesh of the fish
3)When you feel the little bones peeking out, gently grab with the pliers and remove

Easy peasy. Now you're ready to roast, grill and amaze your friends with your beautifully prepared fish. 

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