Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recipe: Sweet Pea + Mint Pasta (It's Green!)

I have used this recipe for spreads, fillings, pasta sauce...you name it. In fact, I have posted it as a spread on this very blog, bit it bears repeating in a new form. It is soooo good, so fresh, so easy, and most importantly, so green! Your family will gobble this up for St. Patrick's Day.

Sweet Pea + Mint Pasta
serves 4-6

1# pasta cooked and drained, with about 1/2c pasta water reserved

1 10 oz. bag frozen organic sweet peas, thawed (such as Sno Pac)
1/4c fresh mint leaves
Juice of 1 lemon
Olive oil
Salt + Pepper
Parmesan Cheese

-Place peas, mint + lemon juice in food processor
-Pulse to incorporate
-With processor on, drizzle in olive oil until desired consistency 
-Season with salt + pepper
-Toss with hot pasta
-Thin as needed with reserved pasta water
-Top with grated or shaved parmesan



  1. This looks so healthful and fresh! It is on my "priority" recipe to try.

  2. I wonder if I could trick my boy into eating a veggie with this sauce. He might not know he was eating peas. I'm going to try it.
    Sounds awesome. I love the pea/mint combo.

  3. What kind of pasta do you recommend? I would love to try this using our favorite pasta with Kamut Khorasan Wheat. It's so good and has a great taste and texture too. Anyway - looking forward to trying this recipe out, thanks!