Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Equipment: Squeeze Bottle

My house is a little maple syrup crazy...like most homes with kids. Those little ones are the perfect excuse for pancakes + waffles every weekend! I also use it to sweeten baked goods and sauces. [psst! it works lovely with tomato sauce!]

The problem with maple syrup [and I mean the real stuff, folks; don't mess around with the imitation sugary junk], is the mess. We could not seem to find a syrup container that 1) worked 2) prevented drips 3) was easy to use and 4) could be used by a toddler without fear for the rest of the table or persons assembled there.

Solution? Squeeze bottle. A giant one. You know, because we go through so much syrup, and I hate refilling it every weekend.

I've used squeeze bottles for loads of things in catering, so why not syrup? It's light weight, so the kid can't kill himself or break it. It doesn't have a lever that gets gummed up. It fits nicely in the door of my fridge. It does not leak or drip [or at least not a lot]. And it's so big, we can happily go for about a month before re-filling. Aaaah. Love the squeeze bottle.

Got any clever solutions in your kitchen? Let me hear 'em!

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