Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recipe: Egg Replacement

I was craving Sweet Potato bread. Having been short on time recently, my roasted sweet potatoes were waiting patiently in the fridge until I could put them to good use. The moment finally came this week when I found myself in my very own kitchen, utterly alone. And it was cold outside. Ah, perfect!

I got all set up. Preheated the oven. Began whipping the sweet potatoes and sugar together. And then...realized I was completely out of eggs. Ugh. How did that happen? I soooo did not want to go to the store. Wait! I had some flaxseed meal. That can be mixed with water for egg repl
acement. Ha-ha! Oh, no. How did I get so low on flaxseed meal? Now what? Let me also mention that this was in the middle of the day and no neighbors were at home to borrow from.

Well, a little internet research later, I was mixing 1 t baking soda with 1 T apple cider vinegar to sub for each egg. Now, I am not in the habit of replacing eggs willy-nilly. So, I approached this like an experiment. Let's just see what would happen. Sweet potato bread is a quick bread, and very forgiving (thankfully), so we'll just see what happens. And I REALLY wanted some Sweet Potato Bread.

I proceeded with the rest of the recipe, minus the eggs but with the soda/vinegar mixture, and braced myself for the results. And you know what? It turned out pretty darn good. As a matter of fact, I could not tell there were not eggs in it. The loaves rose beautifully. The bread was moist and dense. However, it was not quite sweet enough for my taste....which is why I added some cream cheese frosting on top. Everyhing is better with cream cheese frosting, right? Perhaps the addition of the baking soda/vinegar meant some correction was needed for the sugar and salt.

As I said it was an experiment, and it has not been fully developed (which is why I'm not sharing the bread recipe with you just yet).

So all of that, to say this: in a pinch the following substitution works quite well to replace eggs in baked goods.
1t baking soda + 1T vinegar (white or apple cider)= 1 egg

Now I know, but I won't be letting my larder get that sparse again!

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