Friday, October 2, 2009

Breaking News: TV + Wee Wednesdays!

On Monday, October 5th at 10AM, yours truly will be On KARE 11's Showcase Minnesota to talk about.....

Wee Wednesdays!
This is a brand new program at the Midtown Global Market. Each Wednesday from October-March, Wee Wednesdays will feature programs, activities and food specials for families and their kids 5 & under. The best part? It's all FREE! Yup, free. From 10AM-1PM.

The Midtown Global Market provides a family friendly, active & warm (very important in those frigid months!) environment. Some of the programs lined up include....

Each Wednesday at 10:30AM
Oct 7th - The Okeedokee Bros. Band

Oct 14th - Blooma Yoga Class

Oct 21st - Science Museum of Minnesota

Oct 28th- Como Zoo... with Spiders!

Activities and food specials are available each Wednesday from 10AM-1PM. Did we mention the indoor play area? There's also free Wi-Fi for the parents that need to be hooked-up. Wednesdays at the Midtown Global Market will be your new favorite day.

Now, I have to figure out what to wear for TV since I won't actually be cooking....

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