Friday, September 25, 2009

Food Find: Silverwood Park Grand Opening

Well, helloooo! It feels like forever since I've written for the ol' blog. My apologies. Work has been so busy (that's a good thing!), that I have barely had time to do much else.

BUT, I did want to let everyone know about a great new Food Find. Silverwood Park, located on beautiful Silver Lake in St. Anthony, is having their Grand Opening this weekend. What's food got to do with a park? Plenty....

Silverwood is a sustainable park focusing on art + nature, and they are doing something significant with their Coffee Shop. Silverwood is comitted to serving local, sustainable food to their visitors. Local, sustainable, tasty, healthy food. What?!?? Of course, I am a little biased as they have contracted with me and some fellow Kitchen in the Market folks to provide this food. They even have fair trade coffee + tea, so you can go to the park and truly have a great dining experience while you gaze out on Silver Lake. I reently got a cup of their Moroccan Mint green tea, sat in a rocker ont he porch and felt like I was transported to a cabin up North. Really. Relaxing.

Our friends over at the Chef Shack will be there tomorrow serving up even more tasty eats, as well as lots of local artisans and such. If the weather holds, it will be a great day to be at the Park. If you simply can't make it, be sure to give it a go soon. You'll love it!

Here's the details....

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