Monday, August 24, 2009

Ingredient: Rosemary

n. [rosmarinus officialnus] native Mediterranean perennial herb with evergreen type leaves; used in cooking, aromatics and medicines; member of the mint family

While you may think that Rosemary is such a commonly used herb I shouldn't bother writing about it, I contend that Rosemary is one of the most under-utilized herbs. Sure, sure everyone uses it in potatoes and marinades for pork, but where is the imagination? This herb is one of the most fragrant and long-lasting around. So, I'd like to challenge folks to use more rosemary in different ways. A few of my favorites? Why, I'm happy you asked....

Rosemary is a terrific addition to:
-tomato sauce
-cream sauce
-tomato-cream sauce (ha!)
-pie crusts
-pizza toppings
-roasted veggies of any sort

-mixed drinks
-sweet or savory scones or shortbread (really!)

Here's a quick tomato sauce recipe, perfect for time starved parents:

Molly' Quick Tomato Sauce

1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes (prefer organic roasted, such as Muir Glen)
3-4 fresh tomatoes, roughly chopped
1 small red onion, diced

2 cloves garlic, crushed with skins removed

4T olive oil
1t crushed red pepper

1T fresh rosemary, chopped
1T fresh basil or oregano, chopped

1T real maple syrup
1T balsamic vinegar
S+P to taste

-saute onion in oil until translucent
-add garlic and spices, stir and saute for about another minute
-add tomatoes, stir to incorporate
-reduce heat to low + simmer covered for 30 min, stirring occasionally
-adjust to taste with maple syrup, s+p and balsamic vinegar
-remove garlic to serve

Great on pizza, pasta or as a dipping sauce.

Copyright 2007, Molly L. Herrmann

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