Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Food Find: Stabby's Cafe

Okay. So we are pretty excited to have a new neighborhood joint. Especially excited that they serve breakfast all day (open until 3PM), the portions are huge, and it is very kid friendly. What's not to like?

I also have to admit that my two forays to Stabby's Cafe have only included sampling breakfast items. I'm a breakfast gal. Eggs anytime of the day. So, while I have not comprehensively tasted their menu, I can give you a few observations....

1) Their omelets are good and HUGE. Great bang for your buck. They also have as much meat and terrific veggie options you could want.

2) Their gingerbread pancakes rock and are HUGE. Really, really good pancakes. However, I recommend trying the gingerbread sans banana. It lost a little something for me.

3) The kids meals are HUGE. you could totally split this between 2 kids. Or perhaps, order yourself an omelet and snag some of your kid's pancakes. Not that we would ever do that.

4) The burgers looked great and HUGE. Lots o' folks were ordering the burgers and seemed pretty darn happy.

5) Stabby's specialty is something called a Flint Style Coney Island. I am not a hot dog fan, and therefore have not tried it. But, it really doesn't matter because I'm happy to have omelets, hashbrowns and pancakes in my 'hood at a reasonable price. Oh, and good coffee. Very important.

Stabby's Cafe

corner of 42nd Street and Cedar Ave
South Minneapolis

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