Thursday, April 2, 2009

Organic Haven

Growing up on a farm in Central Florida definitely had its perks. We always had lots of fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, as well as the pleasure of picking some ourselves. Now our visits home are a treat for our little boy as he samples the strawberries and citrus in winter and cantaloupe and watermelon in summer.

I've find a bit of grown-up happiness in The Corner Store that has been open in my little hometown of Plant City, Florida for about a year or so. They are bringing organic and all natural ingredients to the forefront in a hip little store and deli. I had the pleasure of eating there twice this trip (I do have to visit a few other places while in town), and thought you might enjoy a peek at their produce. Since Minnesota is not quite into Farmer's Market season, here's a preview of what is (hopefully!) just around the corner (click on the slideshow function)... and try to visit if you're in town!

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