Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ricotta Fresca

Oh, man. I just had the best lunch. Don't you just love it when you throw some random things together and bliss ensues? I picked up some ricotta fresca at the grocery store this morning, unsure of what I would do with it once home. I wound up making a salad of arugula, fresh parsley, bosc pears + the fresh, creamy whole milk ricotta. Topped it off with some salt, pepper and balsamic vinaigrette and viola! My new favorite salad. Accompanied by one too many trscuits (love 'em!), it was the best lunch I've had in awhile. Obviously, I thought it worth writing about.

I'll write some more about ricotta fresca tomorrow. I'm fearing that it is highly underrated! For now, I'll contemplate how to use some at dinner tonight. Perhaps with some sweet peas...

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